Be Who You Are and Be Comfortable

According to its definition, the word “ambition” means a strong desire to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Generally, ambitious women fall under a general stereotype of being “bossy,” “not family oriented,” etc.

We, women, are constantly measured by the way we look and the way we dress. We are constantly measured against unrealistic standards of beauty created by media. Unfortunately, we often measure ourselves against those standards too. And when we do, it becomes difficult to feel good about ourselves, as we don’t always “fit” the standard. Today, I want to focus not on the women’s career ambition, but simply ambition, to be who you are and feel comfortable with it.

Every woman has her own background, religion, culture, and her own story. Whatever that story is, every woman should feel absolutely beautiful about herself. Unfortunately, there is this perception that the more skin you show, the more beautiful you look. Many women and especially girls don’t realize that it’s not about how much skin you show, it’s about knowing your body, knowing what flatters you and feeling confident in it. All high fashion is somewhat modest even though the word “modesty” is rarely associated with high fashion. It’s typically associated with something cheap and old. Nevertheless, every woman has her own reasons not to show skin. Whether it is religion, cultural beliefs, scars, or simply feeling more comfortable with something over your shoulders, there are options to dress beautifully and fashionably for every woman.

I have conducted a survey for one of my projects, and the results show that men find elegantly dressed women more interesting than women who show a lot of skin. That makes sense because by showing all your cards, you are not leaving anything to imagination, not leaving any mystery behind. And today’s world could use a little more mystery.

My passion is to educate women that to feel beautiful and sexy, it is not necessary to show your skin. While looking good is important, looking good doesn’t always mean deep décolleté and short dresses. There are ways to look beautiful, mysterious, and covered. But there is so much more to it, it’s also about how you present yourself and how you wear your clothes. If you put on a short dress and don’t feel comfortable in it, it will show. When you put a dress that covers more skin but makes you feel more comfortable, it will also show in the way you carry yourself, your confidence. So, be who you are and wear what reflects it because regardless of what your story is, you are absolutely beautiful just the way you are!

What do you wear to feel ambitious and confident? Tell us, we love to hear from you!