Outlook on Kansas City Fashion Week (Spring 2015)

Last weekend it was the Kansas City Fashion Week where local designers showed their fall collections. Being a fashion blogger, I can’t stop myself from providing my outlook on it. The success of a show is very dependent of the quality of fashion pieces that each designer is showing, models, and of course a general event setup, stage, music, light, etc. Let’s talk about each component separately.

Designers. We actually have some good designers in Kansas City. The ones I particularly liked on a Saturday show was Laura McGrew and Laura Kathleen from St. Louis. Their designs were original and simple, yet sophisticated.  Every piece from each designer had something special about it. If I had to use one word to describe Laura McGrew’s collection, I would say “eccentric.” A lot of dresses from Laura Kathleen collections looked very elegant.

Models. Models showing the pieces were very good looking. They were well put together. Make up artists and hairdressers did a very good job. But looking good is not enough to be a good runway model.  The runway walk is very important. Some models walked effortlessly beautiful and some looked like they were in pain. In defense to those who didn’t nail the famous catwalk, I have to say that walking on a runway is not an easy job. To walk like you weigh nothing, making each step with confidence is not easy.  Trust me when I say this because I have 3 years of modeling school behind me. When walking on a runway you have to remember too many things: how not to fall, how to move your body weight from one foot to another, how to move your arms, how to turn your head, and how not to forget all of what I just said. Oh, and did I mention, you have to get into the character of the fashion piece you are showing? People take models for granted and don’t realize that modeling is a lot of hard work. Having said that, if you decide to get on a runway, you better have your walk down. Unfortunately, I saw very few models who actually did it right. Here is a good video explaining the basics of a runway walk if you are interested. It is not explained, however, how you are supposed to move your head when turning. But you can see in the video that the model is not turning her head with her body. She turns her head after her body turned.

Event. The fashion show was held at the Union Station. It was fantastic. Nice runway music, right amount of light, photographers, media. It was very well put together. My kudos to the organizers.

So, that was my brief review of the KC Fashion week. I was impressed with a couple of designers and organization of the event itself. I believe the models could be trained to walk a little better, but maybe I am too critical and the walk means to me more than it means to others.  Overall, I thought it was a good show.

Stay Beautiful!