What you should and shouldn’t wear if you have an apple shaped body

Previously we have discussed four of the female body types and what clothes complement each one. Today we are going to cover the last one – apple shaped body. Apple shaped women carry a little more weight around their tummy and chest. This body type usually has slim legs and a lack of a waistline. Women after 40 usually start developing this body type.

With this body type I would suggest avoiding anything that draws attention to your bust, tummy and hips. Details should be kept above the bust or below the hips. Anything in between needs to stay plain and simple. This will visually straighten out your body. If you wear any details around your bust, tummy and hips, you risk looking round.  To avoid looking heavy, it is important to avoid any bulk in the middle part of your body. Jennifer Hudson, Oprah Winfrey and even Elizabeth Hurley are among many celebrities who have an apple shaped body type.

You should wear:

-       Plain dark color dresses

-       V-necks

-       Tops that cover your belly

-       Jackets that define your waistline, but end just right below your hipbone (when worn with pants)

-       Dresses that have a waistline right below the bust

You shouldn’t wear:

-       Bulky or excessive fabric in the mid-section of your body

-       Clothes that end at your fullest points (jackets or tops that end at your waistline or your hips)

-       Any volume around your bust, waistline and hips

-       Any kind of belts

-       Sleeves that end at your bust level

-       Loose garments

-       Skirts above your knees (they will draw attention to your legs, and if your legs are skinny, it will make you look disproportionate).

To sum this up, apple shaped body is very common. A lot of women after 40 have this body type. It can be problematic and frustrating to dress an apple shaped body. However, if you follow the tips above, it will hopefully be a lot easier. I keep saying that all women are beautiful, and we all have things in us that we are not happy with. At the end of the day, you just need to learn how to accentuate your beauty and wear what flatters you. We shouldn’t be driven by fashion. Fashion was born to accommodate the need to feel better about yourself, and you should use it to your advantage. You create fashion when you wear what makes you feel and look good.

Talk to you next week, my beautiful readers!