How not to dress your man

One of my male friends likes to say, “If you want your friend to dress better, find him a girlfriend.” This is very true if you think about it.  Ladies, if you are married or have a boyfriend, you know what I am talking about. Every woman has gone shopping with her significant other at least once and bought him what she liked and thought looked good on him. Once a man lets a woman help him shop for clothes, the next thing he knows his entire wardrobe is completely different. It doesn’t have to be this extreme, but how men dress is often influenced by the women they are with.  Some things I am going to point out today seem to be obvious, but we still see men dressed in a way that is considered a “No-No” in the fashion world.

The first big “No-No” is white socks. There is almost no outfit which white socks could complement. People sometimes get creative, and while some may be able to pull it off, you absolutely can’t let your man wear white socks, especially with dress pants. So, unless you are in white pants and white shoes white socks is a “No-No.” Also, on nice summer days, socks don’t go with sandals. And if socks are worn with shorts and tennis shoes make sure they are very short.

The second big “No-No” for men is tennis shoes with dress pants. You can mix certain dress styles, like causal with business, casual with sports, but you have to be very careful doing it. Tennis shoes do NOT go with dress pants. They really go with nothing but sports attire. The same applies to training jackets and dress shoes. If you are not sure, just have your man dress in the same style tops and bottoms meaning if he is wearing a dress shirt, he has to wear dress shoes; if he is wearing a training jacket, tennis shoes or sneakers would be best.

The final big “No-No” is not matching the color of the shoes with the belt. If your man wears black shoes, he has to wear a black belt.  Brown shoes have to go with a matching brown belt. Another tip on belts: if his shirt is tucked in, he must wear a belt.

In conclusion, women have a great influence on men’s appearances.  Some things men let us change and some stay unchanged. Our significant others represent us in a way, and we want to make sure that the person we are with looks good and up-to-date. There are a few basic things, which when followed, will help your man look and feel “fashion appropriate.” These things are: no white socks, no style mismatch, and no belt and shoes color mismatch. And while you are gently improving your man’s sense of fashion, don’t forget what truly matters - what he is and not what he wears.