The What if…? Conference: What if your perception of Modesty was wrong?

Have you ever had a moment where you had to stop doing what you were doing and ask yourself “What If?” This question creates a world of possibilities and inventions. If Steve Jobs didn’t ask “What If?” perhaps, we wouldn’t have an iPhone; If Sergey Brin didn’t ask “What If?” we wouldn’t have Google; If Elon Musk didn’t ask “What If,” we wouldn’t have PayPal or SpaceX. There are endless examples, but the point is the more people ask themselves and others the thought-provoking “What If?” the more possibilities and opportunities open up to us.

Now, imagine hundreds of like-minded people gathering together full of curiosity and readiness to challenge the status quo. They ask questions that change your thought process and your perceptions on various things. The “What If…?” Conference is the place where all of this happens. Educators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and technophiles come together to ask questions that make you question the world within and around you.

The next “What If…?” Conference is going to take place in Las Vegas on December 19th. If you are curious, like thought-provoking and challenging questions or just want listen to what other interesting people have to question, then hurry up and buy your ticket before they sell out!

On December 19th, I will be raising a question on stage of the “What If…?” Conference along with other creative thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. I will be asking the question “What if your perception of modesty was wrong?” The idea is to question people’s perceptions on fashion and share some common misconceptions of modesty.

Hope to see you there!