There are beautiful women and women who don’t know how to make themselves beautiful

All women are beautiful! Every woman has something beautiful about her.  Nonetheless, every woman has something she wishes could be better. That’s just our nature, we are never satisfied with our bodies, the way we look or the way we feel about ourselves. The reality is none of us is perfect. The difference between a beautiful woman and a woman who thinks she isn’t beautiful is that a beautiful woman knows her body type, skin color, and knows how to highlight her strengths, while hiding her “weaknesses.” I put “weaknesses” in quotes because our flaws are subjective. However, the same clothes can look absolutely stunning on a slim woman and not so flattering on a woman who has a full figure.  That’s why it is important to know how to dress yourself RIGHT before trying to be fashionable. Beautiful women know how to dress right. Women who don’t appear as attractive simply don’t know how to do it right, and instead of hiding their “flaws”, they show them.  So, in today’s post I will share 3 basic rules that will help any woman dress right.

Rule#1 – Know your body type!

Body Type.JPG

Every woman is unique and has her own body shape.  Example: If you have wide shoulders, don’t buy a strapless dress, it will make your shoulders look even wider. We want to accentuate parts of us that we feel good about. If we feel good about ourselves, we will look to others. I found this useful article that will help you determine your body type and how to dress it.

Rule#2 – Know your colors!

You must know the colors that flatter you and bring out your natural beauty. It is also important to know what won’t look good on you. Just because a specific color is trending this season, doesn’t mean you should wear it. You could learn more about your colors HERE.

Rule#3 – Know your places and your crowd!

Appropriateness matters.  There is a right place and time for every style: every day, evening, business, etc. There is a difference between attracting attention by looking beautiful and appropriate and by looking completely out of place. Dressing appropriately is also important because it is a big part of being well mannered. I will write more on this topic in my future posts.

To sum this up, dressing fashionably won’t do you any good if you don’t know 3 basic things: how to dress according to your body type, how to dress according to your hair, eye and skin color, and finally, how to dress according to the right place and time. Stay beautiful! Dress right!